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Unemployment: Good News

Unemployment is at 9.2%, but the White House says this is good news. The White House says this is good news because it means there are more people are looking for jobs. More good news like that, and everybody in the White House soon will be out looking for jobs too.

Obama's Twitter Account

President Obama's Twitters are a little different than Anthony Weiner. When Obama sends out pictures of something obscene, it's the unemployment numbers.

Obama's Latest Plan on Economy

Did you hear Obama's latest plan? I don't think this is going to work. Today he ordered Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to take what little money we have left and buy lottery tickets. I don't think that ever works...

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga complained that U.S. is allowing Iran and N. Korea to get nukes & we have to stop them. Today,Obama said that before making any decisions he's waiting to hear from Britney Spears.

Casey Anthony's Jury

I don't get this: in a stunning decision Casey Anthony was found not guilty. You know what this means? This means President Obama's economic team is now only the second most clueless people in America.

Twitter Accounts

President Obama already created a Twitter account. Now, Vice President Joe Biden has a new Twitter account too. He said he will not rest until he can embarrass the President on every media platform ever invented.

Michelle's Husband

"President Obama announced that he will run for re-election in 2012. Unfortunately, his popularity is so low that he's running on the slogan, 'I'm Michelle Obama's husband."

Filed for Reelection Campaign

"President Obama announced his re-election campaign, though it's not really a surprise. He did all the things that make it official: He filed the paperwork, redesigned his website, and printed another fake birth certificate."

Bringing Bin Laden to the Surface

Did you hear about the guy who says he's going to dive down into the Indian Ocean, find the body of Osama Bin Laden and bring it up to the surface!? You know who the guy is who's doing it? It's President Obama. He needs to shoot Bin Laden again to get those poll numbers up.

30 Million Barrels of Oil

Today President Obama has released 30 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. He said it was in response to what he called a real emergency: his poll numbers.

Obama arrives to the G-8 Summit

President Obama arrived in France for a meeting of the G-8 Summit. That's a meeting of the world's top economic powers. To give you an idea of how bad our economy is doing, when the President arrived, the other countries said, "What are you doing here?"

Obama's economic adviser is stepping down 

President Obama's top economic adviser, a man named Austan Goolsbee, is stepping down. He will be replaced by something a little more effective, the Magic 8-ball.

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