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Baby Politics: One Trillion Dollars.

Baby Politics- One Trillion Dollars

This design is quite funny for several reasons, the lame part is that this could actually give Obama an idea and we could get even more raised taxes.

Baby Politics: Bankrupt America.

Baby Politics- Bankrupt America

Ok, granted. The phrase wasn't funny at all, but the goofy design of Obama is perfect for any baby and the parents who want to mock the President.

Baby Politics: ZZZZ Democrat.

Baby Politics- Zzzz Democrat

Honestly, who doesn't believe that most Democrats are like zombies?? This design shows them like sleepwalkers, but I love the zombie idea better!

Baby Politics: Go Sit In The Corner.

Baby Politics- Go Sit in the Corner

Parents love discipline and babies learn quickly, so if you're training your baby to become a Republican and the baby knows somebody who voted Obama...

Baby Politics: Obama Yuck.

Baby Politics- Obama Yuck

Not a lot to comment on this one, except that this design was quite funny for us.

Baby Politics: Obama Halloween Costume.

Baby Politics- Obama Halloween Costume

For parents of babies who love to have their baby as the center of attention!! 

Baby Politics: Obama Destroying America.

Baby Politics- Obama Destroying America

Do we need to say more?? There's nothing but the truth in here if you see politics like we conservative fellows look at it.

Baby Politics: Obama Diapers.

Baby Politics- Obama Diapers

Another clear message for the Anti Obama members. You can buy this for your baby and have a lot of fun arguing with left-wingers.

Baby Politics: Obamas Policies

Baby Politics- Obama's Policies

We don't really have a lot to comment on this one. We think the phrase speaks for itself.

Baby Politics: How to Save on Taxes.

Baby Politics- How to Save on Taxes

Just in case you were wondering if this design was available for your baby too. It looks even better.

Baby Politics: Barack Obama Spent.

Baby Politics- Barack Obama Spent my Change

A hard true for kids in America nowadays. Trillions of dollars in debt and the future Americans are going to pay for those expenses. Thanks Obama.

Baby Politics: Weepublican.

Baby Politics- Weepublican

This design was simple with the Republican logo in the center. The funny part is how the baby would sound if he was trying to say Republican!!

Funny Anti Obama Bibs

Baby Politics: Sweet Amerika.

Baby Politics- Sweet Amerika.

We found this design quite amusing, a communist Obama holding a baby with a communist flag, thanking Amerika for an opportunity like this.

Baby Politics: Barack Obama Mistake.

Baby Politics- Barack Obama Mistake

Well, this design is quite popular on the internet, so if you want to put it on your baby, here's your chance.

Baby Politics: Future of the Republican Party.

Baby Politics- Future of the Republican Party

Be a proud parent and show that to the world. Let them know that your son or daughter is in training for a best option in politics!!

Baby Politics: Barack Obama Cooking.

Baby Politics- Barack Obama Cooking

Talk about weird designs, but this was quite funny with Obama cooking a lot of awful stuff on his pot.

Baby Politics: Kick-M-Out

Baby Politics- Kick-M-Out

The stocks for this popular fast food restaurant are going up like crazy. Kick-M-Out is gonna consolidate around November 3rd. 2012.

Baby Politics: Nothing Nice.

Baby Politics- Nothing Nice 2 Say

There's nothing like people who agree with you, and it's best to keep them close in case somebody who doesn't agree shows up, you can kick ass.

The Best of the Past.

Baby Politics- The Best of the Past

It's never a bad idea to show your babies about the proud part of the history of USA. Also compare it to the lame part of history so we never repeat it.

Baby Politics: Kick Your Sorry...

Baby Politics- Kick Your Sorry...

Honestly, who in their right mind would pick a donkey as a mascot, and get even worse when you can also call the donkey an ass.