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Anti Obama Shirts- Say No to B.O.

Anti Obama Shirts - Say No to B.O.

Ok, I'm pretty sure that the last thing that you're going to see in this picture is the funny design. Whenever you have the time, notice how witty it is.

Anti Obama Shirts- Is it 2012 Yet?

Anti Obama Shirts - Is it 2012 yet?

This T shirt is for all those disappointed Americans who are looking forward to the future elections in the last trimester of 2012.


Anti Obama Shirts- I've Accomplished More Than Obama.

Anti Obama Shirts - I've Accomplished More than Obama

Perfect for any proud, self-aware Republican who knows that Obama is not qualified for office.

Anti Obama Shirts - Obama Halloween Costume.

Anti Obama Shirts - My Barack Obama Costume

Even though we're not close to  Halloween, this Anti Obama T Shirt is not out of season because the redistribution continues in the country.

Anti Obama Shirts- Another Bum.

Anti Obama Shirts - Just Another Bum Looking For Change

Yeah, some Americans looked for hope and change, and this guy only looked for America's valuable pocket change!!

Anti Obama Shirts - Guess He Can't

Anti Obama Shirts - Guess He Can't

Do I really need to explain more about this one? "Guess he can't", Oh yeah, unless is about taking over our Health Care System.

Anti Obama Shirts- Republican President.

Anti Obama Shirts - How to Save on Taxes

If you're wondering how to save on taxes the answer is very simple. Next time you want to save on income taxes wear this tee shirt proudly to show the less smart a great way to do it!!

Anti Obama Shirts- Got Socialism?

Anti Obama Shirts - Got Socialism?

If you want to teach the differences between democracy and communism explain the Republican Party. If you want to teach the difference between communism and socialism explain Democrats.

Anti Obama Shirts- Obama/Hitler Similarities.

Anti Obama Shirts - Obama/Hitler Similarities

This tee shirt will help you show the world the things in common that Obama & Hitler have. Want to know if there is something in common with Obama/Hitler/Anti Christ? Well, find out.

Anti Obama Shirts - Anti-Christ '08

Anti Obama Shirts - Obama Anti Christ

Is Barack Obama the AntiChrist? I don't know, do the math. He said America is not a Christian nation. Draw your own conclusions.

Anti Obama Shirts- Obama Doctor.

Anti Obama Shirts - The Doctor Will See You Now

The Obama Doctor design is one of the most popular designs after the Congress meeting approving Health Care. Wear it proudly!!

Anti Obama Shirts- Type of Screws.

Anti Obama Shirts - Type of Screws

When you look for specialty screws, I'm pretty sure you're gonna find this type of screws in every state of America on November 2012.

Anti Obama Shirts- Robbing Money.

Anti Obama Shirts - Robbing Money

If you want to experience the pleasure of being robbed, be my guest, vote Democrat the next elections. I won't allow them to keep robbing the future of America!

Anti Obama Shirts- Not Your ATM.

Anti Obama Shirts - Not Your ATM!!

Organize a rally telling Obama to buy an ATM for his policies, we're not his personal ATM and we won't take it anymore!!

Anti Obama Hoodie Designs

Obama Hoodies: OMG Obama

Obama Hoodies- OMG Obama

OMG... WTF???
From now on OMG stands for Obama Must Go, so let the world know!!

Obama Hoodies: Your Brain on Drugs.

Obama Hoodies- Your Brain on Weed

Have you ever wondered if the effect of drugs in your brain is real?? Well, it is!! This is your brain on any drug you can remember. Say no to drugs!!

Obama Hoodies: Work Harder

Obama Hoodies- Work Harder

Because millions of people on Wellfare depend on you. What did you think that everybody works??

Obama Hoodies: Party 1776!

Obama Hoodies- Party like it's 1776

If you need some party theme ideas, this one's the best for a conservative fellow: Party like it's 1776!

Obama Hoodies: Democrats and Taxes.

Obama Hoodies- Democrats and Taxes

Democrats where are our stimulus tax cuts? Nope? not for the hard working people? No tax cuts??. You're even gonna tax this hoodie??!!